Inbox Dollars – Vindale scam

How Inbox Dollars works

Inbox Dollars hosts a huge variety of paid offers, including pay-to-click emails, paid surveys, Internet search, games and more. Along with earning a per-offer reward, you can get cash back on purchases when you buy products from their partners (such as through their website.


Benefits of joining Inbox Dollars include:

  • Moderate payout minimum: $30
  • Sign up bonus: $5
  • Referral program: Earn 10% referral commission


Drawbacks of joining Inbox Dollars include:

  • Payment by check only. Inbox Dollars doesn’t support PayPal payments.
  • No third-party site warnings. When you click offers, you’re often taken to a third-party site with no warning.
  • Sparse instructions. The site has tons of offers, but doesn’t provide much explanation about how each works. Also, the Contact Us page does not offer up any contact information.


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